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  • A Soak in theTub
  • Hot Apple Pie
  • Lavender & Camomile
  • Sweet Orange & Vanilla
  • Wild Rose

A unique infusion of lavender, coconut & botanic blend to sooth the senses.

A delicious aroma of baking apple pie and spices.

A true lavender fragrance, softened with camomile.

Lightly creamy with citrus notes.

Soft delicate fragrance of a newly opened rose.


  • Green Tea & Lemon
  • Juicy Lime & Coconut
  • Sea Breeze
  • Spirit of Shetland
  • Warm Spice Cinnamon

Beautifully refreshing, a perfect balance of fresh & zest.

Refreshing coconut with a burst of natural lime.

A bracing, crisp, fresh fragrance.

Soft but spirited.

A very true fragrance of warm cinnamon with the crisp, fresh scent of orange.


  • Baby Hug
  • Crofthouse Garden
  • Knickerbocker Glory
  • Orkney Romance
  • Winter Spice

Fresh, clean, soft and powdery.

The soft, heady fragrance of fuchsia, rose and wild honeysuckle.

Indulge yourself with this sweet, creamy and berry aroma. For kids aged 9 to 90!

A heavenly fresh blend of purple heather and sea winds.

The best of winter, in a fragrance.

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